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Hysteria over children at the southern border is overwrought

The separation of children from their parents at our southern border is a serious situation. That is why I am disappointed in the Review-Journal’s Wednesday editorial “On the border.” It is easy to jump on the outrage bandwagon. The hard thing to do is to look at the reasons behind these separations and the length of such separations.

A large percentage of these children are unaccompanied, which is a very dangerous situation. Another large percentage of these kids are with adults who are not their parents. Any reasonable person would question that relationship for the good of the child. Some of these children are also being used as mules. The children whose relationship with the adults is verified as legitimate are reunited in a short period of time as long as no felonies are involved.

The outrage machine ginned up by the media giants such as CNN and MSNBC is not meant to solve a problem but to manipulate. They fail to relate that the law/regulation being enforced was signed by President George W. Bush, husband of Laura Bush. That same law was also enforced by the administration of President Barack Obama. Yet there was no outrage. The pictures of children in cages that initially sparked the outrage were published by CNN from the Obama years — then taken down when that was discovered. Why? Other photos still published have been horribly cropped to maintain anger. Funny how photos do not lie but can be framed to tell a different story.

I have no respect for politicians. None. They stand for themselves, and that is it. But at least half of the outrage should be focused on the Democrats, as they could have taken action many times before and yet refused. Look at how they have changed positions in the past. They need the outrage for votes, not solutions.

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