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If crime is down, why can’t DA cut budget?

To the editor:

Clark County District Attorney David Roger sure sounds like an out-of-touch crybaby to me for publicly whining about having to cut his payroll by 9 percent (April 8 Review-Journal). The issue at hand should be: Why is his budget so high in the first place when the Review-Journal reported that today’s crime rate is down to 1970s levels?

If crime is up, then Mr. Roger needs the money. If crime is down, why would he need the money? Somebody is not reporting the truth.



Got gas?

To the editor:

Here we go again. Every time the price of gasoline starts to go up, we go through another presidential speech about how hard it will be, and we see the formation of another committee. And then we hear nothing more.

I did not vote for Barack Obama for president in 2008, but I supported him and wanted to see what he would do for the little people. Well, his first year in office produced nothing but a lot of time wasted, and he’s still doing nothing but giving speeches.

Mr. Obama will not get my vote unless he stops giving speeches and shows some action. Do something for the unemployed and people losing their homes.


Las Vegas

Flip flop

To the editor:

I am very confused by the inconsistencies in President Obama’s actions and rhetoric going back to his abbreviated term as a U.S. senator.

Mr. Obama justifies our current involvement in Libya as a humanitarian effort to prevent a genocidal campaign by Moammar Gadhafi. Mr. Obama, as in many instances, didn’t consult with Congress what action he planned to take.

Let us go back to the days when Mr. Obama spent a shortened term as a U.S. senator. At that time he was emphatically against President Bush going into Iraq. President Bush had much more justification going into Iraq than Mr. Obama had in attacking Libya. After all, Saddam Hussein gassed tens of thousands of his fellow Iraqis, including women and children. In addition, Saddam claimed to have and claimed to be developing weapons of mass destruction. President Bush had the concurrence of the majority of the members of Congress and the world community for his actions.

Would Mr. Obama care to explain his complete turnaround on how to handle situations such as this?



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