If Donald Trump’s so bad, what about Barack Obama?

I was impressed with the accuracy of Judith Lachance’s Tuesday letter “Trump disaster.” The president made a mess of this country and brought us disrespect around the globe. The only thing Ms. Lachance got wrong was the president’s name. Replace Donald Trump with Barack Obama in her letter and now you have some clarity.

Mr. Obama left this country in terrible straits, and the proof is there in a glaring fashion for all to see. Our military depleted, our economy in a mess, illegal immigrants swarming over our borders, and despots all over the world thumbing their noses at us — e.g., Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Russia.

Thank God we have someone in the White House who is working hard at curing those ills. He is solving the problems left behind by Mr. Obama. He is picking up and disposing of all those tin cans Mr. Obama kicked down the road for eight years.

President Donald Trump has put America on the path to greatness again, and progressive liberals such as Ms. Lachance cannot stand it because of their personal animus toward the president. Wake up and smell the coffee, Ms. Lachance. You will find out that the world is becoming a better and much safer place thanks to President Trump.

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