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If you don’t vote for Trump, you’re supporting Hillary

I thought Charles Krauthammer had a very good column in Sunday’s paper (“My vote explained”). He has Hillary Clinton down to a tee.

Then he says that he cannot vote for Donald Trump. That he will write in a choice.

But if he does this he is, in essence, giving Mrs. Clinton his vote. Heaven forbid that she wins the election. This nation as a democratic republic will go right down the drain.

Do people not know that socialism has never worked in the history of the world?

Marty Bush

Boulder City

Whiny blowhard

Are you listening Ted Cruz? Jeb Bush? Marco Rubio? Donald Trump is now saying that the election is rigged.

You know what that means? Mr. Trump is admitting that he didn’t win the primaries. He is admitting daily that the election is fake.

If I were you, I would ask for an investigation to determine how Mr. Trump won those states. Call Mr. Trump as a witness. Apparently he has proof for these claims because he says them with authority and to anyone who will listen.

I mean, that could be the only conclusion, right? Of course it could also be that Mr. Trump is just a whiny blowhard who has conned tens of millions of American voters and at least one major newspaper.


Randall Buie


Math problem

I am now convinced Wayne Allyn Root is living in a fantasy world.

In his Oct. 25 column, he again states that Donald Trump will win the election. His latest anecdotal “evidence” is that a cabdriver friend has asked every passenger for two weeks who they support. Mr. Root claims that every rider told his friend they were voting for Mr. Trump. The odds of this being true would be mathematically impossible.

The Review-Journal needs to drop this fanatic right-wing columnist and instead use someone who at least is fair and honest.

Steven M. Pasch

North Las Vegas

Only tax money

I read that the cost of flying Air Force One is $206,337 per hour. Thank goodness that the price of fuel has fallen, otherwise the cost would be higher.

I am also wondering if there is a price associated with the plane sitting on the ground while waiting for the president to finish delivering a speech electioneering for Hillary Clinton and various other candidates.

It was pointed out that Mrs. Clinton paid $37 million for a trip to Charlotte with President Obama. Cheap at that price, don’t you think?

I really do object to tax dollars being wasted this way.

Valerie Sawders

Las Vegas

Fresh air

Your endorsement of Donald Trump for president made me proud and very, very pleased to be a regular reader and subscriber to the Review-Journal.

The media, largely controlled by special interests, have thrown every unproven accusation toward Mr. Trump in order to prevent him from arriving in Washington and beginning the long-overdue job of cleaning up the corruption, illegal activities and rip-offs of American citizens by those in power.

You see, this time it is not really a Republican versus Democrat thing. It’s do we want more years of the same failed leadership? I mean we have had the Bushes and a Clinton already and, of course, Barack Obama — and somehow Hillary Clinton thinks aligning herself with him will make her look better?

That’s why Mr. Trump — who must be running only because he cares about this country, as he does not need the money, the grief or the attacks — is simply a breath of fresh air in the stagnant dirty arena that characterizes the current leadership and what a Clinton presidency would bring.

Thank you, Review-Journal, for your bold and proper endorsement of Mr. Trump for president.

Brian Gardner

Las Vegas

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