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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

We are being inundated with comments from the self-proclaimed morality police, who apparently have nothing better to do than demand that everyone adhere to their interpretations of what is offensive. Christmas music, classic Disney films, Halloween costumes, Peanuts, Thanksgiving animations, historic statues and even candy canes — to cite a few examples — are apparently now deemed offensive.

Many of these social justice warriors justify their superiority by hiding under the cloak of upper-level and tenured academia, Hollywood elitism, dubious media credibility and ethnic oppression. Or they merely try to convince us that they are just a bit smarter than we mere mortals.

I, for one, am tired of it. I do not need “enlightened” egotistical morons telling me what should or should not offend me.

For example, I personally hate rap music. But that’s my opinion and — because of raps lasting popularity — my taste is obviously not universally shared. So when exposed to it and other subjects I personally find undesirable, I merely turn it off, switch the channel or just look the other way. Problem solved. I don’t get on my high horse and try to impose my values on others by labeling them as some kind of deviant.

There are enough serious shortcomings in the world that need to be exposed and rectified that we don’t need to waste time on some of this drivel that someone else thinks should define my life. I’m quite capable of making those decisions myself, as are most of us, thank you. Oh. Merry Christmas.

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