It’s not a waste to promote an educated populace

To the editor:

In her letter to the editor published Saturday, Natalie Adams refers to a recent commentary suggesting that we end student loans. She called it a refreshing point of view compared to the “liberal socialist utopian perspective” that everyone needs a college education. I would like to know who is advocating that policy? I have not heard anyone who proposes that idea.

As far as the value of a college education, research shows that those with college educations have more than double the incomes of those with high school educations.

It is also useful to realize that those college graduates pay far more in taxes over a lifetime than do high school graduates. And remember, these are loans that are paid back, not grants.

Most jobs today require more training than ever before. College tuition is so expensive that is almost unattainable to most middle-class families without some form of financial assistance. Shouldn’t the government do what it can to promote an educated population? If that is a waste of money, what is a good use of it?

john pauli

Las Vegas

Hasn’t worked

To the editor:

In response to Richard J. Mundy’s letter published Sunday, “Heck, Heller should quit games and support Obama”:

Following Barack Obama’s plan to put more teachers, firefighters and police officers to work with no means of paying for them means one thing – a larger national debt. Is that what the country needs now?

At least Mitt Romney is willing to proceed with the Keystone pipeline, which will put people to work. And he promises to eliminate ObamaCare. This alone would stimulate hiring by firms that have been delaying hiring due to the cost of health care.

It seems to me that Mr. Romney’s not-so-concrete plan is heads above Mr. Obama’s hope and change that hasn’t worked to well over three years. Think about it.

Richard Frank

Las Vegas

Wasting time

To the editor:

So Richard J. Mundy is lecturing us again that we should support President Obama instead of those misguided Nevada Republicans, Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Joe Heck, whose legislative proposals cannot be debated or passed because Democratic Sen. Harry Reid will not give their bills a hearing or a vote.

Mr. Mundy believes they are wasting their time in order to show phony fiscal restraint to the voters.

May I call to Mr. Mundy’s attention that Mr. Obama has not sent Congress a workable budget for the past three years. Not even fellow Democrats will vote for his budgets. Harry Reid won’t touch them. This would seem to be the epitome of time wasting.

The only thing we agree on is Mr. Mundy’s last line, “As has been said, you can never underestimate the intelligence of the American people.” I also believe intelligent people can clearly identify the real grandstanders and time wasters.

Richard Laird

Las Vegas

Airport arrogance

To the editor:

I’m sure the officials at McCarran International Airport feel smug about Terminal 3 and all the publicity surrounding the opening. However, the failure to provide cell-phone parking lots – like most airports have done – continues to be a slap in the face to locals.

It’s beyond the desire to keep the cash flow of paid parking – it’s pure arrogance.

Ray Downing


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