Jobs, jobs, jobs — but what kind of jobs?

To the editor:

For all the rhetoric regarding jobs, an issue that is raised but never really addressed is the sustainability of those jobs. We should look beyond the surface of creating a job and determine how long it will last.

The country has spent untold billions of dollars trying to create jobs with dismal results. When pressed on the apparent waste, the response is, “Well look at all the jobs we have saved.” True or not, the policy of spending huge amounts of tax dollars to save and create jobs, while admirable, never addresses the sustainability of those jobs. It seems that the jobs created or “saved” have had life spans based entirely on the next infusion of tax dollars.

Jobs that will last need to be created and sustained by both private funds and the tax dollars generated by those businesses. The private funds come from private investors and the successful private-sector companies that generate money, which can be spent on expansion. The tax dollars come from the same place — successful businesses that pay taxes and the employees they hire, who also pay taxes.

Before any tax dollars are spent on jobs, the sustainability of those jobs should be a major consideration. The Band-Aid approach currently being used is simply a political ploy to sustain the political status quo. Voters need to wake up and demand transparency regarding the spending of their tax dollars.

Barry C. Bender Sr.

North Las Vegas

Obama pattern

To the editor:

In a Friday letter, Phil Bever facetiously questions the urgency of the presidential jobs bill when we’ve been mired in a recession for so long. He correctly concludes that it’s mostly about raising President Barack Obama’s dismal poll numbers and his re-election campaign. But there’s more to it than that.

If one examines this administration’s M.O., one concludes that there is a pattern of conduct that repeats itself endlessly: Crisis, presidential fiat, legislation.

As former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stated, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” If the nation can be convinced there is a crisis, then government action, no matter how unconstitutional, is warranted.

As examples: the government takeover of General Motors; the bailouts for AIG and others; the disaster fund imposed on BP as a result of the oil spill; stimulus programs; etc. Any constitutional scholar would have to take issue with the authority of the federal government to overreach its boundaries in such a blatant manner. But we’ve stood idly by and watched because all these things were done under “crisis” conditions and to oppose them would have been to make the crisis worse.

President Obama gave us many reasons why the jobs bill had to be passed “right away.” It’s like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said about ObamaCare: “We have to pass this legislation to see what’s in it.” Little wonder Rush Limbaugh recently referred to her as “the bird brain of Alcatraz.” I just hope the rest of us are as aware.

Ronnie Garner


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