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Las Vegans are dumb? Just consider the election

To the editor:

Until reading Wednesday’s Review-Journal (“Las Vegas is No. 1! … Tops in dumbness”) I was at a loss trying to understand how a person with Sharron Angle’s perspective and philosophy could receive more than a handful of votes in an election. I want to thank you for showing me the reason. We are, apparently, the least educated city in the country.

Only a population with as little education as ours could be gullible to the bigoted fear and anger generated by Ms. Angle. Anyone interested in funding our schools? Of course not. What a waste of money an education is.

Alfred Dushman


Stupid voters

To the editor:

Well, fellow Las Vegas dummies, what is our next move to retain our dumbness (Wednesday Review-Journal)? I know, let’s re-elect all the tax-and-spend liberals so they can finish bankrupting us.

We know that the dumb Sharron Angle would eliminate Social Security, Medicare and the Department of Education if she were elected. But we are apparently too dumb to figure out that a first-term senator could not accomplish all this. Maybe the dumb Sen. Harry Reid would explain how a dumb newbie senator could eliminate those programs, when all the Republicans in Congress working in concert could not do it.

Now that we have been thoroughly dumbed down by all the election rhetoric, the best dumb thing we could do to help out our fellow citizens and do our duty is to vote all the incumbents out of office. I know it’s dumb, but that’s the only thing we are really good at.

Glade Barlow

Las Vegas

Tea party

To the editor:

I’d just like to know: Where were these tea party folks when we needed them? You know, when the federal government was controlling our lives, suppressing the free press, dictating to us what to do, invading our privacy, declaring wars on countries nobody really wanted to declare war on, plundering our natural resources and the environment. You know, during the eight years of the Bush administration. Where was the tea party then?



Shelley fan

To the editor:

What happened to the days when candidates ran on their own assets instead of their opponent’s liabilities? Makes me not want to vote at all.

I am not voting for any candidate who is running negative attack ads. I can’t stand Harry Reid and I don’t trust Sharron Angle. Rory Reid never works because he has his father supporting him. Everyone else is running off of accusations and lies. You don’t know whom to vote for or whom to trust. Guess I’ll give up my right to vote.

The only one I trust is Shelley Berkley, a die-hard UNLV alumnus who is running on her assets. I love what she is doing to support our disabled veterans, and she is not attacking anyone.



Congressional goals

To the editor:

The elections will soon be over, and I think all elected officials — no matter with which party they are affiliated — should alter some of the current government policies in order to gain back the respect they lost over the past few decades.

They should have the same health and pension choices as their employer, the American people. Members of Congress should no longer program their own salary raises and they should work toward formulating new, shorter-term limits, balancing the budget and limited spending. This is a necessity in order for this country to survive, so please stop ridiculous spending and pass a balanced budget with a surplus to pay our debts.

All congressional retirement funds should revert to Social Security, and congressional members should participate in this plan. By all means, Congress must keep a separation of church and state and no longer fund religious leaders with taxpayer dollars to travel abroad in order to explain their religious dogma.

All too often elected officials feel they can tell the American people what to do without any repercussions; they tend to forget who is paying their salaries. Wake up, Congress, the American people want this country to remain a republic and not become a socialistic society — which appears to be happening slowly.



Health care vote

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid committed the only political crime that a legislative representative can commit. He totally disregarded the will of his constituents.

The people of Nevada screamed “no” to ObamaCare, yet Harry Reid arrogantly said “yes.”

In a representative democracy, this is an unforgivable act of contempt. Anyone who opposed ObamaCare and votes for Sen. Reid is a gullible fool.



Deep in debt

To the editor:

I’ll be the first one in line to scold George W. Bush for not using his veto pen more to control the profligate spending that went on during his first six years in office, when he had a Republican House and Senate. But remember, 2007 and 2008 saw a House and Senate controlled by Democrats. The profligate spending continued.

Government 101: The purse strings are controlled by Congress, not the president.

Bottom line for me: We added $5 trillion in extra debt during the Bush years, 2001 to 2008. And according to the Treasury Department, report of last week, we’ve added $3 trillion of extra debt during just the first 20 months of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi leadership. Do the math.

My future grandkids can’t afford for this to continue. Please don’t vote for any senator or House member who has served for more than 12 years. Or it will never change. We were supposed to have a “citizen government.” Not a “we know what’s best for you” government.

Mark D. Traeger

Las Vegas

Study Chinese

To the editor:

Regardless of who wins the midterm elections, our economic situation is too far gone. The mess created by George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is beyond repair.

Our debt-to-GDP ratio is fast approaching 100 percent, and it now takes roughly $45,000 for each American to pay off our debt. We are bankrupt and our bonds should be rated “junk.”

If young people wish to have brighter futures, they must study Chinese and move out of this country.

Alfonso Tiu


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