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Las Vegas correct to ban short-term rentals

After reading Marcos Lopez’s Dec. 9 commentary on the short-term rental ban in Las Vegas, I can conclude only that Mr. Lopez has had no actual experiences with living near or next to a short-term rental home. Mr. Lopez wonders why the government should get in the way of individuals making extra money by renting out their homes. But this does not take into account the consequences for the neighbors and neighborhoods.

Mr. Lopez paints a rosy picture of a family making ends meet by renting out their home. This is not usually the case. Instead, these homes are commercial enterprises being run in residential neighborhoods. They affect the quality of life and the property values of those having the misfortune of residing near them. These entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits, while the actual residents of these neighborhoods are paying the price.

I now live near an 18-guest hotel in the middle of what was once a quiet residential neighborhood. This enterprise has destroyed the quality of life for everyone in the vicinity.

Allowing short-term rentals in the city of Las Vegas was a mistake to begin with. City Council members Stavros Anthony, Cedric Crear and Michele Fiore — who all voted in favor of short — term rentals — placed the wishes of Airbnb over the well-being of the people they were elected to protect.

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