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Las Vegas taxi companies are doing just fine

As a very frequent visitor to Las Vegas, I did my homework and checked out the 16 taxi companies with five owners in Las Vegas. I read all the good and bad I could find online. I learned what way to tell drivers coming or going to the airport so I wasn’t long hauled, I discovered the taxi assistance program and what percentage to tip the driver.

For years the drivers have been, for the most part, courteous, friendly and helpful.

I have been reading all the information in regard to Uber and Lyft. Sounds to me that any Joe off the street with the right year car can become a driver. I would be afraid to get in a vehicle with one of these people — and many more my age feel the same. Las Vegas is full of seniors and you want us to ride with just anyone?

A recent Review-Journal editorial argued that “this proposed regulatory scheme is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to recreate the old taxicab monopoly.” At last report there were 16 taxi companies in Vegas. How can that be a monopoly?

Don’t forget how many senior citizens there are in Las Vegas. I can’t speak for all of them, but I want a driver who has a real job, not just someone taking a shift to make a little extra cash.

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