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Let’s give the Republican tax bill a chance

The competing views of the left and right when it comes to the GOP tax reform makes it sound like they’re discussing two different bills. The right says it’s basically the best thing to happen to our country and a panacea for all. The left calls it “a scam” and the worst bill to ever hit the floor. They further warn “it will kill 15,000 people” and it’s “nothing but a gift for the rich.”

I’m an economics major, and everything I learned in college indicates the measure will be a great benefit to the country. I’m willing to give it a try and see what happens. Unfortunately, every single Democrat in the Senate voted against it. Should the bill be a success, I wonder how many staunch Democratic voters will support those same Senate members in the midterms next year.

I have always believed the rich had an advantage when it comes to paying taxes — they can afford expensive accountants who take advantage of every possible loophole. So I don’t much care if they retain that advantage, as long as I get to keep a little more of my money for a change.

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