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Let’s make local bicyclists pay their fair share

To the editor:

I think it’s time that all bicyclists — who by law are allowed to ride in the traffic lanes — be registered, licensed and taxed just like vehicles are.

For some unknown reason, bicyclists feel they do not need to adhere to the rules of the road. They run traffic lights and stop signs repeatedly and feel that they have the right of way at all times.

On any given day, and especially on weekends, bicyclists ride up and down Horizon Ridge and never once stop at traffic signals or stops signs. They actually are angered if a vehicle, after stopping at a stop sign, tries to proceed through the intersection.

These bike riders believe that because they are riding in a pack they can just all continue through the stop signs, etc. and ignore all traffic rules.

Let’s put it on the ballot or pass a law where all bicyclists be registered, insured, licensed and pay road taxes.

Judy Binder


Free speech

To the editor:

I can understand the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the First Amendment right to demonstrate in the case involving the Westboro Baptist Church funeral protesters.

As a veteran, if I were living in Topeka, Kan., I would uphold my First Amendment right in the following manner:

I would contact every veterans organization in the Topeka area and ask them to attend every military funeral with signs of support large enough to block the signs of these misguided individuals and allow the families the privacy they deserve.

Murray Leitner

Las Vegas

Alien culture

To the editor:

I was thoroughly outraged by the Sunday commentary “Hispanic clout.” After getting through the first three paragraphs, which essentially consist of gratuitous self-praise and boasting, we are left with what constitutes a blatant appeal to racist and ethnic identity politics.

Yes, Hispanics constitute an ever-growing percentage of our population and electorate. So what? If this is going to result in a mindless bloc voting for extreme left-wing candidates who hate America and flooding the country with millions of people from an alien culture who are totally unprepared for living here, the result is not going to be pretty.

As a matter of fact, we already have an example of what happens when these policies are carried out. It’s called “California.” I moved away from there seven years ago to escape the political, economic and social degradation that occurs when identity politics prevails — and I’ll move from Nevada if and when it is deliberately ruined.

James Moldenhauer

North Las Vegas

Hispanic contributions

To the editor:

In response to letter writer Robert Gant’s comments from Tuesday, I was most offended. In his rebuttal to Thomas Rodriguez’s commentary, “Hispanic clout,” he uses the term “Hispanic” to describe people who do not contribute to society, who have no skills and who expect a free ride.

But Mr. Rodriguez only made the point that the Hispanic population has grown and will continue to do so. As a result, the Hispanic population will be required to contribute much to the tax coffers.

Many people in this population, including me, are third- or fourth-generation citizens. As a college graduate, professional health care provider and Nevada taxpayer of 32 years, I take umbrage at Mr. Gant’s comments. Perhaps Mr. Gant is ignorant of the facts and should take advantage of Nevada’s education system and study history and the contributions of Hispanics to the American Southwest.

Juan N. Valdez

Las Vegas

Market failure

To the editor:

I would like to ask Republicans, Tea Party members and other far-out right-wingers — including the Vin Suprynowiczes and Walter Williamses of this world — two simple questions about their free-market philosophy.

You guys keep telling us if the government only left the market alone and gave tax cuts to America’s wealthiest people we would have an economic boom. So please answer my two questions:

1. This is precisely what former President George W. Bush did, but didn’t we end up with a giant banking collapse, two of our giant automobile makers nearly going under and the greatest recession since the Great Depression, with a loss of 8 million jobs?

2. President Bill Clinton — without a single Republican vote — got Congress to raise the income tax for America’s wealthiest people, and despite nearly hysterical Republican predictions of a doomsday recession, created a booming economy that created 22 million jobs. How does that gibe with your contention that the Bush tax cuts are necessary for economic recovery?

The GOP policies of tax cuts to America’s wealthiest people and extreme deregulation make no sense at all. They are precisely the George II policies that got us into this mess.

Ray A. Cohn

Las Vegas

Four more years

To the editor:

I see the latest election poll for Las Vegas mayor shows Oscar Goodman’s wife in the lead. Don’t Las Vegans ever learn? Four more years of Oscar is unacceptable. Even with a head of hair.

Patrick Lee

Las Vegas

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