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Let’s make preschool mandatory for kids

There are two issues that indirectly affect the low ratings of our public schools in Las Vegas. Both would be an easy fix if the school district would provide services for these issues.

Problem No. 1: Students entering school with language barriers, particularly kindergärtners and first graders.

Problem No. 2: Students entering school without having learned the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes and objects.

Ultimately, this sets the entire class back. The ones who are prepared are repeating what they already know while the children who do not know their basics are learning. To make matters worse, those with poor English skills are ultimately holding the class back a bit more.

A class is only as strong as its least-prepared child. A teacher and her class will be more successful if everyone is prepared going into kindergarten.

I suggest we provide mandatory half-day preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds. This gets them fluent in English immediately. They learn the basics: the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and social/communication skills. In addition, we offer the second half of the day of preschool for a reasonable rate.

Children need to be at the top of their game no later than third grade. Children must have the basic tools of reading, writing and arithmetic at this time in order to continue their education successfully. Successful children love school. Children who struggle resent it.

This is not directly the school district’s problem nor would it be a quick fix. But as a community, we need to own it and it is what needs to be done if we expect Clark County school students to get to the front of the class.

Sherry S. Foley

Las Vegas

Hissy fit

The NHL has decided to put a team in Las Vegas. I read that the Black Knights was the preferred nickname. But I hope that’s not the final decision. Why not a contest?

I think the Las Vegas Vipers has a nice ring to it. It’s a desert reptile and the team could use desert colors such as orange, teal, brown or yellow. When the other team scores, we “hissss.”

I think Las Vegas Vipers would stand out.

Lavern Barata

Las Vegas

Political will

Identity politics is an ugly, disgusting practice, at best. So it was with surprise and regret that I noticed the Friday Review-Journal article headlined “Latinos urged to make Social Security election issue.” What is particularly disturbing is the quote from an immigration attorney: “If you are receiving Social Security, you need to thank an undocumented worker.”

Really? Really? Our Social Security system is dependent upon the exploitation of illegal aliens here illegally, working here illegally, and using a Social Security number illegally? How can someone who is supposedly “in the shadows” be paying into the system in the first place, let alone getting any benefits?

It seems like we do not need “a streamlined process to immigration.” We just need the political will to enforce the laws we have.

James Moldenhauer

North Las Vegas

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