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LETTER: A bleak future under Joe Biden

President Joe Biden plans to allow 25,000 immigrants to enter the United states. Will they be vetted? No. Will they be tested for COVID? Maybe, but don’t count on it. How will Mr. Biden justify giving them the vaccine when there’s not enough for us?

Folks it’s all about putting America last.

There are not enough jobs for our citizens, but that doesn’t stop Mr. Biden. He put thousands of pipeline workers out of work without a thought of their families.

We had a president who put our interests first for four years, and we thrived. The next four years look bleak for America. Too bad those of us who didn’t vote for Mr. Biden have to suffer with those who did.

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LETTER: Do Nevada lawmakers live in the real world?

Does Assemblywoman Leslie Cohen, sponsor of Assembly Bill 380, know anything about natural gas? Suppose we ban natural gas in Nevada. What would happen?

LETTER: Carbon tax, free market are the best regulators

Your editorial criticizing Assembly Bill 380, which aims to reduce the amount of natural gas Nevadans use, misses the better way of regulating greenhouse gas emissions: the free market.

LETTER: Nevada must make it easier for residents to go green

If the state and urban cities in Nevada invest in widespread charging infrastructure, it could help not just me, but many other Nevadans out there to have the confidence to finally go electric.

LETTER: More Pelosi hypocrisy

Isn’t it amazing how the speaker’s cry for “punishment” varies if your party affiliation has a D or an R associated with it?

LETTER: Time for Southern Nevada pols to limit development

When I moved to Las Vegas in 2000, the news was centered on the lack of water for Clark County residents. Recently the Review-Journal has printed more news items reiterating the same thing.