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LETTER: A Democrat reviews the Democratic debate

I am a Democrat, and I like competition. But Tuesday’s Democratic debate was beyond anything I believe we should be about.

First: We have too many contenders.

Second: Some of them were acting just like President Donald Trump when he was debating. My theory is if you can’t say something good about your competition, keep your mouth shut. All you’re doing is lowering your own bar.

Third: They did a good job on Mr. Trump, but they forgot about the country’s second-biggest divider, Moscow Mitch McConnell.

Fourth: By letting the media control the topics, the debaters played right into their playbook. All of the time should have been dedicated to how the Republicans are downgrading the good old USA, not what they are going to do if elected. The thing to concentrate on is winning the Senate and the House. Then, no matter who is president, they will have control. If that doesn’t happen, their ambitious policies will be for naught.

If the Dems handle the ongoing GOP disasters, they are a shoe-in. But if they fumble and let the media pick them apart, it could be their greatest defeat.

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