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LETTER: A lack of leadership

The recent rash of staff shortages at schools in the Clark County School District should be no surprise. Just what did district officials and the community expect? The law says that teachers cannot strike, and the lawsuit filed by the district against the local teachers union essentially muzzles them. So teachers are using the only device they have left — themselves.

Superintendent Jesus Jara says he is disappointed that the teachers would “use the children as bargaining chips,” which is rich with irony. His statement is straight out of Politics 101 (and literally uses the children as a propaganda tool). Meanwhile, the district is using teachers’ livelihoods as a bargaining chip. Staggeringly high inflation, coupled with the loss of 1.8 percent of their salaries this year, is a significant blow to teachers with children and families of their own. Now that the union is stifled, the district’s plan was just to wait them out. No wonder people aren’t lining up to work for the district.

But who is really damaging the education of Clark County children? The district has more than 1,200 teacher vacancies (and hundreds more with long-term subs) yet refuses to provide pay and respect to attract and keep teachers. This shows the gross incompetence of the school board and Mr. Jara.

A “staff shortage” may close your school for a day. The damage done by Mr. Jara’s failed leadership will last years after he is gone.

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