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LETTER: A magnanimous gesture at Morehouse College regarding student loans

Updated May 23, 2019 - 10:01 pm

Robert E. Smith of Morehouse College recently announced he would pay the student loan debt of 396 of the school’s graduates (Monday Review-Journal). While a magnanimous gift, it does not set a good example.

We already have Democratic candidates talking about free college tuition and forgiving student loans, which gives students false hope that they won’t have to pay what they owe.

I went to a college with the help of student loans. I didn’t expect anyone to pay or forgive my debt. I worked hard and repaid every penny within six years. While it was a struggle, I felt a sense of pride when that final check was written. That sense of pride strengthened my honesty and integrity, which I live by every day.

So what is going to strengthen our 40 million students with loans? Handouts? Empty promises? A socialist agenda? Or maybe just tough love and the sense of pride in living up to a commitment.

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