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LETTER: A path toward immigration reform

In my view, immigrants seeking to come to the United States send a powerful message about what a great country we have. They are looking for opportunity in an environment governed by the rule of law.

As of this month, unemployed individuals numbered 6.5 million in the United States while there were 9.5 million unfilled jobs. The domestic birth rate is 1.6 percent vs. the 2.1 percent required to maintain our population and workforce. It seems obvious that immigration is necessary to resolve these shortfalls. While it’s clear the process is currently not efficient, it appears to be fixable.

The number of immigrants allowed to enter annually should increase from 650,000 to 750,000 and be merit-based. Applicants must have clean records and a skill needed by a U.S. employer. The border must be closed to illegal entry.

Employers would send a list of their openings to a Homeland Security database that the border patrol would use to match applicants to positions. After a match and employer review, the employer accepts or denies the match. If accepted the applicant gains entry (a temporary work permit that can be renewed) and a job.

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