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LETTER: A pox on social media trolls

I am sick to my stomach about the callous, senseless murder of the bicyclist and the horrific online response to the innocent Review-Journal reporter. The ignorance of these right-wing trolls who read or listen to a cherished voice and repeat it as if it were the gospel is astounding. There is no way to confront and reason with these people.

Maddeningly, Review-Journal executive editor Glenn Cook’s brilliant rebuttal and facts won’t reach the people who need to hear them, because they typically are not readers of journalism or much else. Sad that social media has created these ignorant, one-line opinion parrots.

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LETTER: What became of this once-great desert city?

Now, locals are forgotten, seniors are struggling and the drunk, drugged and selfish tourists who don’t follow the rules of law and order are frightening.