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LETTER: A selective view of the justice system

I was taken aback by Claud Tryone Smith’s June 6 letter. He talks about the brave men and women who served on the Trump jury in New York City. I’m not sure how brave they were. I would hope they were following the law and doing their job as jurors. I believe in our justice system always — and not just when it suits my beliefs. I would love to hear Mr. Smith’s opinion of the Jury from the O.J. Simpson trial or his thoughts on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. I will vote on Nov. 5 — not to strike a blow, but to exercise my right as an American.

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LETTER: War games

Let’s take care of Americans at home before spending money on proxy wars.

LETTER: Protesters supporting Hamas have been duped

It is impossible to explain protesting for Palestinians and not for innocent Ukrainians — unless the protesters are pawns of Putin or of terrorists.

LETTER: County commissioners go their own way

Many feel it doesn’t make a difference because our voices are not heard. We just get things shoved down our throats time and time again.

LETTER: A challenge for the president

The question should be: Will Joe Biden be up to leading this country for the next five years?

LETTER: A threat to our children

Washington red ink. As it climbs, we’re saddling future generations with higher and higher tax obligations.