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LETTER: A tale of two stories

Tuesday’s front page was just dripping in irony.

The top article addressed restrictions on international travel to the United States. Prior to boarding planes flying into the country, travelers have to show proof of COVID vaccination. And if that isn’t enough, these protected people then have to show a negative COVID test taken within the previous three days. I applaud this — although the testing seems a little much for vaccinated people.

Below that was a picture of international travelers wading across the Rio Grande River and an article about thousands of people (now more than 1 million since President Joe Biden took office) crossing into our country illegally. There is obviously no requirement that these travelers be vaccinated or show evidence of a negative COVID test. News reports indicate that the ones who are intercepted are tested and given the opportunity to get vaccinated, but there is no requirement that they be vaccinated before they are dispersed around the country to parts unknown. I would imagine that contact tracing is not possible.

The former group of international travelers was cited as bringing tons of tourist dollars to support our economy. The latter group of international travelers is costing tons of taxpayer dollars. Because they also do not go through rigid airport screening, they may also carry other unwanted items in addition to COVID, such as drugs and weaponry.

When you see this discrepancy, it provides ample evidence that the only science this administration follows is political science. If they were following real science, then I would have to assume that there would be no exception to the rule.

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