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LETTER: An American abroad and global Nanny States

Updated November 12, 2019 - 9:05 pm

Monday’s Review-Journal Health section included a syndicated article from Kaiser Health News headlined, “Women’s Type 1 diabetes offers a case study in differences between public, private insurance.” The piece is a case study of rich liberals being able to take advantage of the various health care opportunities afforded to them by a multitude of global nanny states.

The article notes that U.S. citizen Katie West, who moved abroad three years ago for graduate school and now works as a health systems researcher there, is able to buy insulin and supplies in Germany through a public insurer for a tiny fraction of what she paid in the United States when she was covered by a private insurer. Not until the end of the article is it disclosed that Ms. West pays more for basic over-the-counter medicines, and that the German government confiscates one-third of her income for taxes and health care.

Ms. West’s upper-class, progressive leanings are in full display in the article’s final paragraph when she states, “A third of my income may go to taxes and health care here, but honestly that’s fine. Take it. Take it! I don’t have to worry.” The peace of mind is worth it, the author states.

I wonder: What else does Ms. West request her family toss in their steamer trunks besides “ibuprofen” when they make their European sojourn to visit her? Perhaps some English tea wouldn’t be out of the question, I dare say.

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