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LETTER: An editorial cartoon and the Trump impeachment inquiry

Speaking of putting the jackass before the cart, editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez seems to echo the Republican line that the Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are moving onward toward impeachment before they have any evidence of an impeachable offense. If Mr. Ramirez had bothered to read the front-page headlines of his employer, he would know that the Dems have only opened an inquiry into impeachment, which means that they will formally start the process of gathering facts and evidence to determine if there are any impeachable offenses with which President Donald Trump can be charged.

This is necessary because, until now, Mr. Trump and his administration have refused to comply with the House’s requests for facts and evidence. In other words, Mr. Ramirez and the Republicans have gotten the cart before the jackass.

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LETTER: Nevada, California and migration

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