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LETTER: Another Democratic spending spree

So with the upcoming passage of the Schumer/Manchin “everything under the sun” bill spending spree, the Democrats have again proven they are no longer the party of the common working man. The bill contains subsidies for their elite friends (tax rebates for electric cars) and fossil fuel industry (as if it needs it with record profits) while those of us in the middle class get to foot the bill.

If they were truly interested in forcing all Americans into electric vehicles, the tack would look totally different. Progressives, being a champion of massive buyback programs — i.e., gun buybacks — shouldn’t be offering tax rebates to the wealthy. Instead they should offer a combustion engine buyback program to achieve their ultimate goal. Eliminate the subsidies and apply a formula of taking 90 percent of the Kelley Blue Book or some other neutral party’s estimated value of the car you own and cash it in for that value with the stipulation that the money received be spent on an electric vehicle or public transportation.

Because funding for the IRS to investigate the middle class is part of the current bill, they’ll be able to strong-arm us into submission. Though I think this is an asinine solution, what’s being proposed now isn’t any better.

But this idea will go nowhere. Follow the money to see where the laws are coming from.

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