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LETTER: Arabs reject another Middle East peace plan

Once again, the Arab world has turned down a peace proposal claiming it favors Israel. It seems to me our leaders have been going about this the wrong way.

It’s the Arabs who should produce a peace proposal so that the Israelis could sit down with them to negotiate the differences. As it stands now, they won’t even come to the table. If they don’t propose one, it would reinforce the fact that they really don’t want peace in that region, so why are we wasting our time?

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LETTER: The endless presidential campaign

Our country spends too much time dealing with a presidential election every four years. It seems the campaigning never ends.

LETTER: Socialism makes an unfortunate comeback

One wonders if the progressive (read: socialist) candidates and their avid supporters are familiar with the history of such governments since the beginning of the 20th century?

LETTER: Nevada should ditch the caucus system

We absolutely support your Wednesday editorial advocating for abandoning this chaotic and time-consuming caucuses as a means of awarding presidential delegates. Early voting for the Nevada caucuses was very confusing —- the ballot instructions were poor and volunteers were unsure how to handle questions about the process. They were, however, very dedicated to making sure the voter results were accurately recorded.