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LETTER: Are the A’s already behind schedule?

In response to your Feb. 8 Associated Press story, “Manfred would be disappointed if A’s Las Vegas ballpark not open by 2028”:

It took approximately three years to build the new Yankee Stadium, not including planning. The potential A’s site still has a mammoth structure on it. A’s owner John Fisher and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred don’t seem to be in any rush — 2028 is now a maybe? Not to mention the current litigation regarding the public funding. At this sloth-like pace, American astronauts will be walking on Mars before our national anthem is played at games in the new A’s stadium.

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LETTER: Joe Biden is playing the long game

All the Democrats in the Capitol whining and scheming to remove Mr. Biden from the ballot are being short-sighted. Joe is about to outfox them all.

LETTER: How can we report plate scofflaws?

Is it possible to have volunteers send in information on these expired plates? I would do so if I knew someone would follow through and check their status.

LETTER: Yes to red-light cameras

The camera systems must be operated by the county and not a contractor. The cost of operating the traffic camera systems must not be dependent on the fines collected.

LETTER: Get Joe out from behind the wheel

He has driven this country the wrong way for far too long. We all know the damage a wrong-way driver can do.