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LETTER: A’s plans an insult to Las Vegas fans

Updated February 26, 2024 - 10:36 am

Mick Akers’ Feb. 18 article on the A’s short-term goal of staying in Oakland, with fallback plans of Salt Lake City and Sacramento is a slap in the face of Las Vegas baseball fans. The Aviator ballpark can match the A’s average attendance in home games in Oakland for the past several years. Playing in a minor league park in Salt Lake City or Sacramento for three years is an insult to Las Vegas fans when we have a new minor league park here.

What better way to build a fan base for the team and new stadium than to play for three years in Aviator ballpark? Building the fan base at our ballpark makes for an easy transfer of that fan base to the new stadium.

The A’s are leaving Oakland due to lack of fan and city support. Las Vegas fans and governments are already supporting the A’s by paying for part of their new stadium and supporting their minor league team here. But we are not even considered as a location to watch them for three years while their stadium is being built. It is a poor marketing decision and not a good feeling for future fans.

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