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LETTER: Ask yourself: Are you better off now than three years ago?

In his Friday letter to the editor (“Voting dilemna”), Jack Corrick states he will have a difficult time selecting a presidential candidate because he has to choose between “the lesser of two evils.” Seems as if many voters use that excuse to either not vote at all or to choose who they feel is most likeable. I have a better idea.

First, determine if you are better off now than you were three years ago. Secondly, determine who has the best policies for the United States.

For example, gasoline used to be $2.50 per gallon. Now, it is still $4 a gallon after President Joe Biden pushed it to $5 and then to $8. Inflation is crazy under Mr. Biden. And then, yes, there is the illegal immigration crisis. Mr. Biden opened the border, then lured millions of foreigners here to take our jobs, overwhelm our schools, take thousands in perks and almost bankrupt our welfare system.

Mr. Trump has solutions. President Biden has no solutions except more of the same nonsense he has peddled for three years. There is no need to compare two evils. Vote for the person who will make our country great yet again.

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