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LETTER: Baseball puts a robot behind home plate

I saw the recent article in the Review-Journal Sports section about one of Major League Baseball’s minor leagues using robotic umpires at home plate. This is disturbing. What will be next, robotic baseball players?

This idea will remove the human element from the game. Can you imagine a manager trying to argue with a robot?

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LETTER: The Review-Journal presidential poll

I suspect that many of those who answered “other” meant that their primary motivation was to keep Mr. Trump in office.

LETTER: Donald Trump, Republicans want to kill Obamacare

Can someone please tell “we the people” when President Donald Trump and the Republican health care plan will be coming out if the Supreme Court repeals Obamacare?But what’s their plan?

LETTER: A tale of 2 taxing philosophies

During the past four years, we have all witnessed the difference in the two opposed political philosophies of heavy taxation on corporations vs. less taxation on corporations