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LETTER: Biden is too old to run again

Polls show more than 65 percent of Americans believe that President Joe Biden is too old to run for a second term. While his age alone is a problem, let’s look at the real reasons Mr. Biden should not run.

Among them are obvious signs of mental and physical instability led by his frequent gaffes, “stories” and lies, his inability to hold a formal press conference without predetermined questions, notes and a list of who to call on, and his trips, falls and shuffling while walking.

Then there are decisions that have embarrassed the United States on the world stage, including the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and the alleged influence peddling and resulting Biden family financial enrichment.

In addition, we have numerous decisions that have imposed financial and safety hardships. Those include ending America’s energy independence resulting in the highest inflation in 40 years. Mr. Biden has allowed the free flow of illegal immigrants and drugs through our southern border, increased interest rates to control inflation and allowed crime to spiral out of control without consequences.

Lastly, 40 percent of his time in office has been spent on personal nights away from the White House. Ask yourself: Who is running the country and calling the shots? Hard to believe it’s Mr. Biden.

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