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LETTER: Blame criminals for gun violence

Leonard Pitts’ Tuesday commentary fails to address that guns don’t kill people. Guns used by people kill people.

Mr. Pitts uses an 8-year-old girl who was at a Washington Nationals baseball game when a gun fight erupted outside the stadium. The 8-year-old had just experienced her second shooting. That is very troubling. But Mr. Pitts blames guns, the NRA and Republicans while giving a pass to the people who loaded the gun, pulled the trigger and wounded the victims.

Almost all of us agree that an 8-year-old shouldn’t have to experience this. But Mr. Pitts needs to direct his anger at those responsible. Neither the bullet nor the gun is guilty. Guns don’t make the decision about who or what to shoot. The individual does.

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Thank you for your Sept. 12 editorial, “It’s long past time: Get vaccinated.”

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I reached the age of legal adulthood in the 1960s. I witnessed protest after protest. The purpose was to make the administration listen to the issues of those protesting.

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Please explain why I have to wear a mask at the gym when exercising by myself yet people are celebrated while packed together indoors maskless and screaming at the Raiders Monday night football game?