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LETTER: Blood boils after reading story on Nevada’s convict-illegals

I’ve been reading the Review-Journal since the mid-1980s and have finally read something that got my blood pressure so high that I have to say my piece.

The July 28 front-page article about the high cost to Nevada for housing illegal violent felons in our prisons struck a chord (“Nevada’s confined migrants a big cost”).

The caption tied to the picture of Billy Cepero, with a long history of criminal convictions, who can’t be deported back to his home country of Cuba because Cuba has the good sense to ban accepting convicts. This has to be one of the most asinine reasons that I have ever heard to keep him housed here at our expense.

Who cares what Cuba thinks? Nevada — and the United States, for that matter — owes it to its taxpaying citizens to fly him and all his convict friends back to their mother countries and just drop them off at the airport.

Better yet, we should strap a parachute to their backs and drop them right into the prison yards.

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