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LETTER: Californians flock to Nevada

Considering that I migrated to Nevada from California in 2009, let me give the 50,000 some fairly new California arrivals some advice (“For relocating Californians, Silver rush on,” Monday Review-Journal).

You have come to a state with the potential for greatness. Leave your leftist political ideas in California. What you see happening in California is a direct result of the apathy and ignorance of voters. What was arguably the greatest state in the union has become a Third-World nation of excessive gifts to those undeserving and leftist politics.

Those who abandon California likely left for the same reason I did: A leftist Legislature; too many illegals; too many taxes (and the taxes in place are extreme); and a failed, neurotic Democratic leadership that is paid way too much for the failed job they do.

Now the punchline. That same failed, leftist Democratic leadership is currently in place in our state. I want help from these new Nevadans in voting them out. If that is not the goal of those leaving California for Nevada, then get out of this state. We did not come here to be another California.

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