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LETTER: Cancel Culture comes for Jon Gruden

So the cancel culture comes for John Gruden. This man has probably helped more young Black athletes become successful than any poorly thought out email has harmed. Cancel culture calls coach Gruden racist yet totally ignores Hunter Biden’s hateful racial slurs in an email found on his laptop.

The sport will greatly miss coach Gruden. Warning: Better check or erase all of your old emails.

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LETTER: The problem of ‘sovereign citizens’

Perhaps if leftists would stop telling the rest of us that they are “citizens of the world,” … this “sovereign movement” could be nipped in the bud.

LETTER: Hong Kong vs. New York

A case study in how masks slow COVID spread.

CARTOON: Guns or butter?

As China increases its advanced weaponry at a fast pace, progressives push to shrink the defense budget to fund an ever-growing welfare state.