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LETTER: Cartoonist knows the answer to his question

Michael Ramirez’s Tuesday cartoon about the terrible shooting at a Nashville elementary school shows Uncle Sam asking, “Why?” Mr. Ramirez should very well know why another mass shooting has taken place. He constantly lambastes Democrats for everything, including increased gun control.

Most Republicans, backed by the NRA, continuously fight any kind of gun control. They hide behind the Second Amendment, falsely interpreting it to mean that anyone (any age, criminals, the mentally unstable or the radically violent) should be allowed to possess and use any kind of weapon.

The Second Amendment was enacted to create a militia, instead of a standing army, to protect the new nation. When it was ratified in 1791 there were no modern-day weapons of mass destruction. The writers could not have envisioned how this “right to bear arms” would be horrifically abused today. Those who oppose, responsible gun safety measures, including an assault weapons ban, are culpable in the thousands of shootings and deaths of innocent men, women and children.

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