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LETTER: Cegavske gets censored by the state GOP

It is mind-boggling that the Nevada Republican Party voted to censure the secretary of state. What have all the lies, bogus allegations, failed lawsuits and ludicrous conspiracy wailings wrought? In spite of zero proof and a total lack of evidence, the “Trumpy” sycophant leadership is upset with the only GOP statewide office-holder for not playing the game of We Didn’t Lose, Someone Must Have Cheated!

Are you kidding? Here you have an elected official upholding her duty as the state’s chief election official getting thrown under the bus for not drinking the Kool-Aid. To top it off, the state GOP just won the gold medal for hypocrisy with the release of its moronic statement announcing the censure, which included some blathering about high standards and the upholding of oath of office.

I guess these people interpreted JFK’s inaugural address as, “Ask not what you can do for the citizens of your state; ask how you can cook the books to benefit your party!”

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