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LETTER: Civilized America

We just watched Russia shoot down a plane to silence a political enemy. The Chinese just make political enemies disappear. Iran locks them away forever. North Korea uses public executions. Saudi Arabia seems to prefer poison. All are effective in silencing opposition.

In America we are more civilized. We just use the Department of Justice, the FBI and the IRS to silence the opposition. The government can send hundreds if not thousands of agents to attack a political opponent. In America the government can freeze bank accounts or force bankruptcy or — better yet — threaten a low-level employee who will say anything to make the government go away.

Take note that the most recognizable person in the history of the world, Donald Trump, with 24/7 government security, must post a bond of $250,000. Does anyone think Mr. Trump could sneak away to avoid prosecution? Is America a great place or what?

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LETTER: It’s not Joe’s age

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