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LETTER: Clark County health district bureaucrats run amok on gym pools

Leave it to the bureaucrats at the Southern Nevada Health District to screw over Las Vegas seniors, Parkinson patients and all the rest of us who need regular pool exercise to keep our personal health issues under control (“Could health rule change shut down pools at some Las Vegas gyms?” May 22 Review-Journal).

They did it lethally during COVID when the knee-jerk politicians and their robotic underlings imposed health-damaging lockups and mandates. Now, they’re at it again.

I recently went to multiple EOS fitness centers and the pools are all closed. Notably, the parking lots are virtually empty and the cars that do show up soon leave. Inside, at the front desks, notices announce the pools are “temporarily” closed until the health district figures out what it’s doing.

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LETTER: The cart before the horse on green energy

You don’t build a house from the top down. Start by strengthening the foundational power grid and Americans may start to believe you are really serious.

LETTER: Biden and democracy

America’s type of democracy is special in that it is achieved via the checks and balances imposed on the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

LETTER: What’s in a name?

Mr. Segerblom seems to have nothing better to do than to change good established names to entertain his fancy and pat himself on the back.

LETTER: Biden seems to be getting paranoid

A president appearing to suffer cognitive decline is frightening. If paranoia is also potentially present, it becomes terrifying.

LETTER: The Trump assassination attempt

The evil enemy within kills or tries to kill the ones who are good for the country.

LETTER: Fight, fight, fight!

Instead of being in shock, a normal human reaction, or cowering behind Secret Service, he pumped his fist telling the crowd to, “Fight, fight, fight.”