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LETTER: Columnist gaslights about Donald Trump

In his Sunday column (“Biden’s fingerprints all over Trump prosecutions” ) Victor David Hanson desperately tries to tie Donald Trump’s felony conviction to Joe Biden in an attempt to make Mr. Trump the victim of the president. Mr. Hanson pretends he knows what Mr. Biden thinks at every turn, which is absurd and does not address the fact that Mr. Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts by a jury of his peers for breaking the law, which ultimately influenced the 2016 election. Mr. Trump would have not won if his affair with Stormy Daniels had been made public after the “Access Hollywood” tapes in which Mr. Trump brags that he grabs women by the genitals.

Mr. Trump is a criminal, and his supporters know that — as does Mr. Hanson. This is obviously the reason he spews the gaslighting fodder he does trying to cast the blame on Mr. Biden for Mr. Trump being prosecuted for his own actions.

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