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LETTER: Comparing NFL stadium subsidies to spending on public education

In a recent letter, Denise Maginn points out that Southern Nevada squanders millions of dollars on an NFL team at the expense of our public schools and teachers. She raises the question, “Are our priorities really that pathetically out of touch?”

Some people enjoy sports very much. The change from their hectic daily routine to the excitement of watching their team is a priority. The sports fan does not consider the dollars spent as squandered; particularly when every day he sees that, no matter how much money is given to school and teachers, it is never enough.

Ms. Maginn may want to lump pet owners together with sports fans. The American Pet Products Association released its annual report on pet spending this month, and it shows that Americans spent a record-breaking $72.56 billion in 2018.

We need to get our priorities straight. Imagine what the U.S. public education system could do with $72.56 billion. I will tell my two cats, Frankie and Johnny, “Sorry guys, but you will have to go.”

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