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LETTER: County approves ride-sharing contract for foster kids

The Clark County Commission recently approved a $250,000 annual contract with the ride-share company HopSkipDrive for the foster child system. Not only did the commissioners approve the annual fee, they also approved $20 per ride and $2.50 per mile even though the company normally charges only $17 per ride and $1.50 per mile.

The foster parents already receive payment for taking care of the children. These rides are not for emergency or medical care but for extracurricular activities. I feel sorry for the children, but it is not the taxpayers’ fault if the kids have been put in the system and are being taken care of by someone other than their biological parents.

This means if you are a biological or adoptive parent who takes care of your own children, but do not happen to have the extra money to take your children to these activities, too bad. You are going to pay the taxes so others can enjoy what your children can not.

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