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LETTER: COVID cases on the rise despite distancing, masks

I am a little concerned and, I must say, a bit confused. We have all these reported COVID-19 cases in the state, especially Clark County, where we supposedly have a mandated mask order and other protective measures in place (Saturday Review-Journal). Just how are these people contracting this virus?

Is there any attempt to find out how and why they became infected? Or do we now just accept the fact that they have it and move on? Is this virus penetrating protective masks, or did all the people who came down with these cases just ignore protection?

I think these are important facts that need to be addressed and some explanation given to the general public. I can’t see that this information would violate any privacy concerns because it would be general in nature.

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LETTER: It’s time to ban smoking in public

As Gov. Sisolak ponders additional moves to curb the spike in positive COVID test results, I respectfully recommend he ban smoking in public spaces.

LETTER: Does crime pay?

Convicted criminals skirt on restitution.