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LETTER: COVID statistics are hard to digest

I’m sure Michael Scott Davidson made his best effort to clarify Nevada’s COVID-19 positivity rate in his Oct. 21 article (“Reported positivity number erroneous”). What really came through loud and clear, though, was how unreliable all these statistics are that we see bandied around concerning this virus.

Everybody has their own health expert to back up their claims. Each government entity uses its own criteria and metrics. The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention change their recommendations on a regular basis. It should surprise no one that people are experiencing “pandemic fatigue.” What we’re really tired of is being lectured to and ruled by incompetents.

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LETTER: It’s time to ban smoking in public

As Gov. Sisolak ponders additional moves to curb the spike in positive COVID test results, I respectfully recommend he ban smoking in public spaces.