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LETTER: Criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar is unwarranted

Updated May 17, 2019 - 9:40 pm

I read Walter Gunther’s letter (May 9) regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar with consternation. Nothing she said indicated anti-Semitic, anti-Israel sentiments. And insinuating she is anti-American is nonsense. Bringing attention to a questionable American policy, foreign or domestic, is the duty of every American citizen, especially a member of Congress.

Being Jewish, I understand the importance for Israel to exist and thrive without conflict. However, Israel’s radical anti-Palestinian rhetoric and policies are a large part of the reason for the continuing violence in the region.

Rep. Omar’s reluctance to call those who perpetrated the 9/11 terrorist act radical Muslims is understandable. She appears mindful of the impact of blame and the dysfunctional responses it creates. Further, she is correct that Muslims, as well as other ethnic and religious minorities, are mistreated. It is not hypocrisy to make that statement. The lack of churches in Iraq, Iran or Saudi Arabia is irrelevant. Those countries do not have a Constitution such as we have in the United States that protects religious freedom.

There is no justification for Rep. Omar being removed from Congress. She is doing her job by questioning policies that may not appear to be in the best interest of our nation and its people. Allowing unchecked government power can lead only to forfeiting freedom — and that is not an option any American should tolerate.

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