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LETTER: Debt ceiling fight is about spending

In response to Rich Ruppert’s May 12 letter, “GOP game”: I wonder if Mr. Ruppert or any other American with the same thought process gave any notion as to how America became $31.4 trillion in debt. It was because of irresponsible, reckless and wasteful spending, most of which was authorized by congressional Democrats. The debt ceiling would not need to be raised if there was responsible spending in Congress. The two are directly related.

President Joe Biden believes you can raise the debt ceiling year after year and just print more and more money. But that will lead to higher and higher levels of inflation. If you believe he is serious about negotiating spending reductions and cutting the fat out of the federal government, I have some swamp land in west Texas I will sell you. It just isn’t going to happen.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has put forth responsible legislation, which passed that legislative body. Among other things, it puts government spending back to fiscal 2020 levels and provides a path to energy independence. Unfortunately, our braindead Nevada House Democratic congregation rejected it. They would rather keep on spending money we don’t have to secure votes.

The deep cuts to which Mr. Ruppert refers are simply an exaggeration. Reducing government spending to 2020 levels is the responsible thing to do, and it is way past time to cut the enormous fat in the federal government.

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