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LETTER: Dem support for illegal immigration a boost to the president

In a Wednesday front-page article, Rep. Dina Titus stated: “Every piece of his anti-immigrant agenda is cruel and counterproductive. The president needs a reminder that the U.S. is a melting pot and the symbol of our nation is the Statue of Liberty.”

Rep. Titus “needs a reminder” that the “melting pot” hasn’t changed. President Donald Trump has never stated that immigrants aren’t welcome in the United States. He simply wants them to obey the law and immigrate to this country legally.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Mr. Trump was bigoted for announcing his ICE sweep. Illegal aliens drain our resources, take jobs from citizens and are getting more rights and benefits than our veterans and the legal population who genuinely need temporary assistance.

It’s mind-boggling to me that Rep. Titus, et al., even think this is a legitimate point to argue.

Please, Dina and Nancy, keep it up. You are definitely helping get Mr. Trump re-elected.

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