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LETTER: Democrat court-packing scheme would backfire

By all accounts, former Majority Leader Harry Reid is revered as a icon of the Senate. Is it deserved? There are pros and cons.

Here’s the con: Thanks to his invocation of the nuclear option in the Senate in November 2013, Sen. Reid changed the long-standing tradition of the filibuster rule requiring 60 votes. This laid the groundwork for the next Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, to execute the new Democratic practice on steroids by instituting a trail of newly confirmed federal court and Supreme Court justices to rule and roost over American jurisprudence for years to come.

Now, the same is again being done by the left — this time with talk of “packing” the high court with liberal appointed under President Joe Biden. But be careful what you wish for: You just may get it. Justice Stephen Breyer recently warned of this in a lucid and cogent interview with Mike Wallace. I trust the Democrats were listening attentively.

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