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LETTER: Democratic idiocy on Donald Trump and Ukraine

To give you a clear indication as to how the political class thinks this country should be run, just look at this latest example of complete idiocy regarding Ukraine.

Hunter Biden, son of then-sitting Vice President Joe Biden, is given a no-show job as a board member of a Ukrainian energy firm and compensated to the tune of $50,000 per month. Joe Biden, at a later political event, is on tape chortling about how he strong-armed the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who was investigating this corrupt energy firm. Fast forward to 2019 and President Donald Trump asks the new president of Ukraine if they are looking into those events — a question each and every American should be asking, as Joe Biden is now running for president. What is the reaction of the Democratic Party?

Mr. Trump should be impeached, and, no, we should not examine this curious relationship in which a person with no knowledge or experience in the energy field is receiving $600,000 per year from a corrupt energy company.

There is only one conclusion you can gather from this incident: Corruption of this sort is so endemic to the political class that calling attention to it is the “crime,” while the actual commission of the crime is to be swept under the rug. What could be clearer — the guy shining the light on this illegal arrangement is to be exiled from the political arena and the guy who participated in this illegal scheme should be made president if he is the Democratic nominee.

Only in America … unfortunately.

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