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LETTER: Democratic Party has become a disaster

What a disaster the Democratic Party has become. Democrats go from one hoax and hypocrisy to another more easily than your car changes gears. It’s sad because our country works best when both parties are dealing with plausible platforms, not merely wild promises that can’t be kept. We want politicians in our parties working with each other and not simply acting like children.

This impeachment hoax will bite the Democrats in 2020 for its stupidity, as well as for the complete waste of time and resources expended. But it’ll be their excuse for not getting anything done for the next year. God forbid if they did anything positive for America that President Donald Trump could claim as a feather in his cap.

Truth be damned, all they care about is a power grab, and I think most Americans are fed up with it.

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LETTER: Nevada, California and migration

A recent letter to the editor in response to an editorial about people relocating between Nevada and California shows exactly how politicians can use the same numbers to prove opposite points.