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LETTER: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is a breath of fresh air

I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 even though I would have preferred her to Donald Trump. For me, Hillary had too much baggage, and I knew the third-party candidates weren’t viable. Since Mr. Trump took the oath of office, I’ve been mortified by the attacks he’s launched against immigrants, women, people of color and even former allies in the administration. In 2020 I am looking for a solutions-oriented candidate who does not scapegoat immigrants for things they had nothing to do with.

I came across Democrat Andrew Yang this spring when he was on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I noticed he answered the questions the interviewer asked instead of spinning every answer into an attack on the current administration. He is the breath of fresh air that this country’s political scene has desperately been seeking.

Mr. Yang has a plan to make sure everyone in the country has access to health care. He has a realistic approach to combating climate change. His flagship policy is to provide every American adult with $1000 per month. The idea of universal basic income might seem brand new, but it has been advocated for by Martin Luther King Jr., Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama.

Andrew Yang is not left, not right, but forward.

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